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Gift Cards

YogaRoots gift cards can be purchased for either a predetermined amount or custom amount.


Gift card value options:
  • Single class ($20)

  • Class Pack: 5 classes ($90)

  • Class Pack: 10 classes ($170)

  • Class Pack: 15 classes ($320)

  • Membership: 1x weekly ($64)

  • Membership: 2x weekly ($112)

  • Membership: 3x weekly ($156)

  • Membership: 4x weekly ($192)

  • Custom (enter a custom value)


How it Works

When purchasing a gift card, choose a gift card value and enter your contact details. 


After purchasing the gift card, you will receive an email with the gift card PROMO code, which you can forward or print and give to the recipient when you are ready.


When the recipient is ready to use the gift card, they simply apply the PROMO code to their YogaRoots purchase to receive the gift card value.

Contact us for help purchasing and using gift cards.

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